… to someone who knows …

bonnie raitt


… SpiritStuff …

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… hello and goodbye …

Hello to my loyals, and my occasional stoppers by…

Just a note to tell you there will be no new writings for a while,
on my ongoing story that will become a book….
This is due to several things, one of which is having just moved….
……the others having to do with things that cannot be shared
right now, due to the same reasons i cannot write about them…

Use your imagination, my more in the know friends…
It will all be told, one way or t’other, just not now.
The book continues …on the new year

Delicacies must be honored, boats cannot be rocked, and
Goodness Knows, we dare not offend anyone in particular just now ….
Timing, as they say, is Everything.

I will still be posting Movie Madness, and other interesting posts
as the mood strikes me……  hello…goodbye…hello!!

Ciao………….  for Now……….. and yes, that IS a poem.

… home …

A Home by any other name would smell as sweet…

What is Home?  a Place…. a Person… a Memory?
To each is the answer, their own answer, an ever changing
or Never changing  entity to pin your heart on.

I have found a Home… it perhaps is not a forever thing,
and then again, we never know, do we….
I do have other Homes in my heart, and now,
One special person
lives there forever …
He has become a home for me to go to.
So….One lives inside me, and for now, the other One,
the  One that I shall live IN…  has arrived.

The European/Mediterranean style white wash, with arches
and red terra tiles stands secluded on a wooded hillside, with
decks and walks, entry elegance and winding staircase.
Space……….. windows……. and quiet freedom.

Nestled above the fogline, the summers will bring a welcome
warm, and windows filled with ocean and sky.
Places to work, and lots of time alone.  Alone!
The gentleman owner lives there sporatically, most of the
time traveling and working.  When he’s there, I have a large
private room and work spaces to myself.

Yes…….. after long looks, months of askings and
nights filled with worry and wonderings.
I move next weekend.
I am sooooooooooooo happy.

Thank you All for your help and so many good wishes.
I would imagine that pictures are to follow!


… movie madness #66 …

What a film….. what a Film!  I’m emphatically in love with this film,
this man, this depiction of an astounding era in our history.

TRUMBO was/is a Man of the first degree, and the same name
graces the film that has captured my heart… at least for the
moment… yes, i admit to being just a bit fickle.

See it… embrace it… absorb it… stick with it, for it will not
disappoint you, nor leave you wondering why…
Blacklisted in the fifties, a brilliant career destroyed, and his
family nearly so, he truly rises as the Phoenix that he was.

Hedda Hopper…. I had No idea what a complete power mongering
bitch she was.. and Helen Mirren does her justice.  John Goodman!
some fellow playing Kirk Douglas who sparkles…..  Elle Fanning …
another bright sparkler….. Diane Lane as wife eternal….. and
Bryan Cranston as the Man.

I got it because of him, but this entire film took me on the
EE Ticket ride and at the finish, I felt as though someone handed me
a cotton candy and a big red balloon.
Just SEE IT!